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Karaka is a 53 ft black steel ketch. In an effort to share, learn and grow, the boat is operated as a non profit cooperative, welcoming as crew anybody motivated to join with an open mind. The crew is usually but not always composed of a healthy mix of nomadic dreamers, musicians, philosophers, anarchists, wanderers and assorted non-conforming individuals, as well as less radical people, regardless of nationality, age, gender, worldview, background, or financial status. Attitude is what matters.

A trip around the remote islands of French Polynesia is ongoing for 2015. As of late september we are sailing in the Tuamotu archipelago, on our way north to the Marquesas islands. We will spend the end of the year there, attending the Marquesas cultural festival in december and then taking off in january for Fanning island in the Kiribati. From Fanning we will continue west riding the north east trade winds toward Micronesia and the Philipines, with the intent to get to a boatyard in Kudat in malaysian Borneo around july 2016.

There are crew positions available for the trip from the Marquesas to Asia. It is going to be a long epic trip covering over 6000 nautical miles of open ocean in less than 6 months. We'll visit only very remote islands on the way. Some sailing experience and a willingness to join for the whole trip would be preferable.

This website is designed to provide as much information as possible to the people interested to join Karaka as crew. Please make sure you have thoroughly explored this website before considering writing to me to apply.

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