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Karaka is a 53 ft black steel ketch. In an effort to share, learn and grow, the boat is operated as a non profit cooperative, welcoming as crew anybody motivated to join with an open mind. The crew is usually but not always composed of a healthy mix of nomadic dreamers, musicians, philosophers, anarchists, wanderers and assorted non-conforming individuals, as well as less radical people, regardless of nationality, age, gender, worldview, background, or financial status. Attitude is what matters.

We're in tahiti at the moment, we arrived in French Poynesia in july 2013 and will stay for a while. November to march is the cyclone season here so it is best to stay put near protected anchorages, mostly around Tahiti and Moorea. Another trip around the remote islands of French Polynesia is planned for 2015.

You can check the Karaka log for the latest news and Kim's blog for some magic and more. As well we have a facebook account with a fair amount of photos, look us up but please send us a little message saying who you are otherwise we won't add you as a karaka friend...
And of course, for all the info about us, the boat, crewing and all that, this comprehensive website contains quite a lots of reading material.

Everything you need to know about the ship, the crew past and present and the life on board can be accessed by clicking on THE SHIP at the top of the page and navigating from there.
The details about the costs involved in crewing with us are to be found HERE
If you are having qualms about the concept of cost sharing, please read this page HERE
The email address to apply for a crew position is to be found in the CONTACT page.

If we're full, or out of touch or if we turn you down, for other crew positions, try the links and contacts at the bottom of this page as an alternative.

For those who want to help us out, we have now a functioning donation page you can access by clicking on this red link.
You can also donate direcly by clicking on that button:

Keturah is a 45ft ferrocement ketch curently sailing in the South Atlantic. Francesco is an old shipmate of mine and also an ex crew member on Karaka. His website is a very complete source of information for applicants. We face the same issues in selecting crew members from the internet and Francesco has a knack for expressing things clearly. Anybody willing to join Karaka should read his website as well. (especially since he just upgraded it and it looks great...)

Imagina is a 38ft fiber glass sloop, skippered by another ex crew member of Karaka, Alejandro, and his girl friend Marianna. They are now about to leave Florida and sail in the northern carribean. They can take a couple crew to share the trip. They are focused on Scuba diving and kite surfing.

Gwen and Vera are two good friends who recently exchanged their small sail boat for a nicer bigger one, in order to have some room for their young son Morgan, and also to be able to take passengers to help them with the costs of running a boat. They are in Northern paciific Mexico as well at the moment, and are open to any proposition regarding chartering. They are not taking crew as such, but would be the ideal boat if you only have a few weeks vacation but still want to experience what life afloat is like. They would offer you something in between what we offer on karaka and what an expensive charter company would offer. But that is only to get them started, as their real interest is in organising projects and expeditions. So if you need a good, large, solid boat for a sea based project, be it artistic, scientific, humanitarian or else, contact them at gwendaljudith@yahoo.com

Lilly Bolero . A beautifull gaff rigged schooner curently in The south Atlantic, and operating under the same conditions as we do. We never met them but just looking at photos of the boat and reading their website is enough for me to recomend them.
Lilly Bolero

The Stahlratte is a 40 meters 100 years old steel schooner run by a german anarchist collective. They are running backpacker trips between Colombia and Panama most of the time but they sail around the Caribbean once a year.

The research vessel Heraclitus is a massive quasi organic ferrocement chinese junk run by a worldwide association. They are curently sailing in the Med on an cultural expedition headed to the Black Sea.

A few websites on which we post free ads and from which we have good returns :

Also for finding out where to look for boats, a great website with all the latest info on cruising destinations, harbors and marinas is on noonsite.com

Lastly, for those who are traveling Europe and want to experience the real France, not the France of the cities and consumerism, my parents are running a small scale WOOF farm. They take volunteers to share their little bit of paradise in the woods. They are located near Grenoble, France. Gps position :45 18.220 N 05 16.320 E. If you are interested you can check their profile here(top listing in french) and contact them through the WOOF France website here. if you are not a Woof member you can send me an email directly and I'll pass it to them.

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